The Heritage Flight Museum is a flying aircraft museum whose home base of operation is at the Bellingham International Airport. From the Bellingham hangar, the Museum displays, operates and maintains its many donated and closely associated aircraft. It also houses a growing collection of memorabilia donated by local families and individuals.

A list of aircraft and other related exhibits can be found below. Click on the aircraft you’re interested in for full details and photos. Download a PDF of our aircraft guide by clicking here. For more about memorabilia, please see the Support section of the web site.

P-51 Mustang “Val-Halla”

A-1 Skyraider “Proud American”
PT-19 Cornell PT-13 Stearman
SNJ-4 T6-D Texan “Hog Wild Gunner” T6-F Texan L-13 Grasshopper
H-13 Sioux O-1 Birddog O-2 Skymaster F-89 Scorpion

Engines & Simulators

Military Vehicles