Greg Anders

Vice President & Executive Director

Greg AndersWith over 4500 hours, Greg’s flying background is primarily military flying.  Graduating from the US Air Force Academy in 1985, he spent 15 years on active duty and 6 years in the Idaho Air National Guard flying A-10′s for 190th Fighter Squadron at Boise.   In the Spring of 2003 he was activated for a four month deployment to Kuwait and Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and flew 27 sorties in the A-10 during major combat operations, and numerous combat sorties during the build-up.   He has also been mission qualified and an instructor pilot in the F-15E and the B-52.  His military flying experience also includes flying in the F-16 B & D, F-15 B & D, F-18, T-38, AT-38 & T-37.  On the civilian side he is currently flying the P-51 and most of the other museum aircraft, as well as his AT-6D “Hog Wild Gunner” and his MH-1521 Broussard.  Greg frequently lends the T-6 to the museum for displays and flybys.