USAF Heritage Flight

The USAF Heritage Flight is a part of the USAF Aerial Demonstration Teams airshow programs.  HFM’s P-51 Mustang and A-1 Skyraider have both been approved for the program.

Bill Anders is one of the original and very few civilian Heritage Flight pilots that has been cleared by Air Combat Command to fly in formation with the Air Force at airshows around the world.  Additionally, the Museum’s Executive Director, Greg Anders, is also a part of this team.  The crowd loves to see this flyby of the old and the new and it has become a great recruiting tool for the Air Force as it is witnessed by millions of aviation fans, young and old.

Visit the official ACC USAF Heritage Flight page here:

Airshow Organizers: Interested in having a USAF Heritage Flight at your airshow?

  1. Request a USAF demo team for your show.
  2. Upon confirmation, contact the civilian component (that would be us) to check availability, etc. See our main Airshows page for contract information.

Please note that only approved military and civilian demo pilots can conduct these flights. The teams train together and are approved to fly these specialized formations. Heritage and Legacy Flights can ONLY be conducted by approved pilots.