Flight Sim Station

Interactive Exhibit & Membership Program

How it started…

Using older, donated desktop computers volunteer’s Steve Kessinger and Jeff Geer created a prototype exhibit allowing visitors to fly our museum aircraft via Microsoft Flight Simulator. The exhibit even allows visitors to fly multiple aircraft together via a linked network in our display hangar.

Garry Smith (Newcastle, Australia), a commercial flight simulation scenery designer has donated over $20,000 worth of billable time to create not only a modern day Bellingham Airport, but also a version of Bellingham Airport as it was during WW II when Bellingham Airport was a US Army Air Corps base. This has significantly enhanced HFM’s visitor experience, providing a familiar and meaningful environment to our visitors. Garry also repainted flight sim aircraft models in the same paint schemes as HFM’s aircraft – so in addition to accurate scenery, we now have accurate aircraft as well!

As this concept exhibit succeeded far beyond the initial goals, we wanted to take the project to a higher level. After reporting on it in our 2009 newsletter, Historic Flight Foundation founder John Sessions expressed an interest in partnering on the program. And so the project took off! The computer hardware has seen an improvement, the software has seen an improvement, and soon the latest phase of development will be complete!

Interactive Display

Visitors to Heritage Flight Museum have already been ‘testing’ the new hardware and software, and have shown us that our Flight Sim Stations are one of the most popular features at the Museum. Through these virtual environments, visitors are able to sit at the controls of the Museum aircraft and experience virtual flight in a historically accurate setting! From flying solo in the primary trainers to attempting a formation join-up in a fighter with other museum visitors, the experience is engaging, meaningful and full of educational opportunties! We’re excited at where this exhibit will take both organizations’ visitors!

Membership Program

As this project developed, it became evident that creating a membership community around it would be inevitable! The Flight Sim community alone is enormous and highly communicative, why not bring everyone who enjoys historic aviation and gaming into the fold together, via Heritage Flight and Historic Flight?! So we’ve done it! Sign up to be a member now, and receive these great benefits:

  • Admission to both Heritage Flight Museum and Historic Flight Foundation
  • Flight Sim Membership card
  • Reserved flight time on Flight Sim Stations during Museum open hours (up to 20 minutes)
  • Flight Sim Members-Only newsletter and special events
  • Annual newsletters from both Heritage Flight Museum and Historic Flight Foundation
  • Be a part of on-going and up-coming developments with our Flight Sim program!
  • ** Bonus: Flight Sim Members will be able to download the software updates that we developed for this program, for their own home use on MS Flight Sim 9/2004!
  • ** Bonus: Flight Sim Members will be able to arrange formation sorties through the multi-player feature with friends, simmers or other museum visitors!
  • ** Bonus: Flight Sim Members will have access to future software developments as they come available!

Flight Sim Membership is a renewable, $50/year membership. We can’t wait to welcome you aboard!!

Join Now – Click this button to sign up securely using PayPal (includes Visa, MasterCard, etc), and gain access to the scenery and aircraft software right away for your home use!
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Basic computer requirements for home use:

  • PC desktop or laptop
  • Flight Sim 9/2004 – Century of Flight
  • Windows XP/Vista/7



Aircraft Credits

  • A-1 Skyraider : Model by Ed Wilson, Panel by Steve Downing, Textures by JP Demmerle, Air file by Steve Baugh, Original props by Gramps, Modification to FS 9 by Rene Spaan, Texture tweak by Garry J Smith
  • B-25 Mitchell: Originally a CFS2 aircraft modified for FS 2004, designer unknown.
  • B-29 Superfortress: Original designer unknown, Texture tweak by Garry J. Smith
  • Douglas DC-3: Textures by Garry J. Smith
  • DHC-2 Beaver: Original air file and model by Steven Grant, Panel by Fred Choate, Sound file by Aaron Swindle, Gauges by Fred Banting
  • F7F Tigercat: Model by Paolo Kromberg, CFS panel based on Bruno Duffon’s Tigercat panel for CFS1
  • F8F Bearcat: Model and virtual cockpit by Michel Migaud, Panel, subpanel and gauges by Jean-Pierre Langer, Flight dynamics by Jean-Pierre Bourgeois and Benoit M. Dube, Textures by Michel Migaud and Marc Hardouin, Textures tweaked by Garry J. Smith
  • P-51B/C: Model by JR Lucanny, Panel by Nigel Booth, panel photo by Lyle Jansma
  • P-51D: Model by Warrick Carter, Textures by Garry J. Smith
  • T-6 Texan: Model by Warrick Carter, Textures by Garry J. Smith
  • B-17G: Model by Gary Herbert
  • Cessna O-2 FAC: Model by Mike Stone, Textures by Garry J. Smith
  • C-46 Commando: Model by Mike Stone, Textures by Garry J. Smith
  • F-89D: Model by Kazunori Ito
  • Fairchild A-10: Model by Mike Stone, Textures by Garry J. Smith
  • Lunar Rover: Model by Claus V. Holmberg
  • Supermarine Spitfire: Model by AlphaSim, Textures tweaked by Garry J. Smith
  • X-24: Model by Tim Conrad
  • All repaints by Garry J. Smith www.gjsmith.net

Scenery credits

  • FS 9 buildings for EZ-Scenery compiled by Sidney Schwartz
  • EZ-curbs FS 9 scenery objects by Sidney Schwartz
  • Vintage military buildings FS 9 scenery objects by Sidney Schwartz
  • Parking lots for FS 9 by Sidney Schwartz & Lars Hoyer
  • KB EZ Houses for EZ-Scenery created by Kevin Burns, compiled by Sidney Schwartz
  • United terminal at Bellingham WW II airport by Ian Thatcher and Garry J. Smith. Godspeed, Thatch.

Project Team

  • Kate Simmons: Project Manager
  • Garry J. Smith: Scenery Developer, Aircraft Repaints and Graphics www.gjsmith.net
  • Nigel Booth: Model Developer www.fratbrothersdesign.com
  • Greg Sanderson: Jetline Systems, Hardware www.jetlinesystems.com
  • Chris Anders: Cockpit Design
  • Jeff Geer: Heritage Flight Museum Sim Team www.bravo369.org
  • Lyle Jansma: Museum Photographer, Cockpit Design www.jansmadesign.com
  • Steve Kessinger: Heritage Flight Museum Sim Team
  • Mike Lambert: Historic Flight Foundation Sim Team
  • Roy McMillion: Historic Flight Foundation Sim Team
  • Chris Russel: Historic Flight Foundation Sim Team
  • Mike Young: Historic Flight Foundation Sim Team

We would like to gratefully acknowledge the inspiration provided by the Flight Sim Group at the Mid-Atlantic Air Museum. http://www.maam.org/maam_sim.html

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