Event Sponsorship

The Heritage Flight Museum holds a number of special events throughout the year, in addition to our once-a-month open houses. Warbird Weekend, Props & Ponies, the B-17 Visit and others, rely heavily on financial and in-kind sponsors… whether it’s bottles of water for volunteers and pilots, purchase of fuel for the participants aircraft, or support of local advertising.

Sponsorship is the only marketing platform available that is mutually beneficial to the business community and the local community of consumers. It will provide you with heightened visibility, and is a great opportunity to support and promote local business. The community-minded generosity of our sponsors and the volunteer services of its organizers are the cornerstone of our events success.

HFM events draw 1,000-2,500 visitors over one to two days (depending on the event). Many visitors are from the local area, but a good number come from outside of Whatcom County too. This community loves to support the businesses that support community events!

Program Sponsorship

Various programs at the Museum could use the assistance of a sponsor as well. From materials to funds, the following programs are in need of support:

  • ‘Future Flyers’ Kids Area
  • Flight Sim Station
  • Collections Displays
  • Newsletter

If you have any questions about how you or your company can help out HFM events and/or programs, please contact our Director of Programs, Kate Simmons – kate@heritageflight.org or 360.733.4422.

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