Volunteer Spotlight


Do all the good you can, by all the means you can, in all the ways you can, in all the places you can, at all the times you can, to all the people you can, as long as ever you can.

~ John Wesley’s Rule

Without our volunteers, we would be like a B-17 with only a pilot… Sure we’d have all the equipment, and the person to take it where it needed to go… but without the crew we’d be unable to successfully complete our mission. Thanks to the generosity and dedication of our volunteers we are able to offer regular open hours, educational displays, guided tours, interactive exhibits, and so on. We are able to do more, with less in the budget. We are able to host special events throughout the year that feature historic aviation, the stories of our Veterans, and that celebrate both.

From the front desk to the maintenance hangar, our Museum is a reflection of the thousands of hours that our Volunteers give every year, and the limited staff that they work closely with. Our deepest thanks to all the members of our crew who help us successfully complete our mission.

Meet The Crew

Lyndsey Plute – Exhibits & Collections

Lyndsey started volunteering as a display designer in January of 2011 and has been working to improve the look, interpretation and interaction between displays and visitors.  She has always had an eye for design and art, but has recently discovered her passion for history after taking a required history course during her Freshman year of college.  Designing displays seems like the perfect fit for both of these interests!  She is currently working toward her B.A. in Design and History minor at Western Washington University, hoping to someday become an exhibit designer for interactive museums.  In her off time, she enjoys playing a variety of instruments, traveling, and playing tennis.


Bob Landon – Docent/Greeter

(Original) Bob began volunteering as a greeter and docent in 2009. He says that because he worked with the Atomic Energy Commission at their Nevada test site, that his life history is classified. This is all that we know about him… Just kidding, he retired from Bellingham Technical College where he taught surveying – something that he did most of his career when he wasn’t messing around in Nevada! In addition to volunteering at HFM, Bob is active with the Bellingham Composite Squadron of the CAP where he is Aerospace Education Officer. We also thank Bob for his service in the Navy.

Bob Lewis – Docent

(New) Bob came to HFM in 2010 and has set about spiffing up the place and continuing to sort out our ever-developing volunteer program. As a CFI and pilot, Bob was naturally drawn to HFM. Though he flew mostly ‘normal’ civilian aircraft, he does like to remind us that he has about 5 hours in a PT-17 and PT-19! He tells us that he lives quietly in a little house by the lake, with his lovely wife Terry and their two ‘fur children’ Hank and Rusty. We also thank (New) Bob for his service in the Navy.


Erika Nonhoff – Collections/Maintenance

Erika came to HFM as a member of the Civil Air Patrol when they first started working with us in 2005 (making her one of the most ‘senior’ volunteers, albeit still one of the youngest!) She has attended almost every monthly fly day and special event over these last 6 years, driven by her desire to learn about the aircraft and the people who flew them. If the streaks of grease and oil on her clothes aren’t enough of a give-away, Erika’s favorite aircraft is the Skyraider! She is one of those uber-volunteers who is a serious ‘Go-fer’, filling a role in almost every area of the museum – administration, collections, volunteers & maintenance. We’d be lost without her! When she’s not here (which is rare) you can find her riding horses, playing music, traveling and volunteering with the local Search & Rescue.

Steve Kessinger – Flight Sims/Maintenance

In his fifth year as a volunteer at Heritage Flight Museum, Steve Kessinger is another of our “jack of all trades” volunteers. A copilot on the Boeing 777 away from the museum, among other projects Steve is part of the team responsible for the flight sim stations at Historic Flight Foundation and Heritage Flight Museum, he can often be found in the maintenance shop working on our airplanes under the tutelage of JR, Hal and Einar. Steve is putting the lessons to good use and is currently building a Progressive Aerodyne SeaRey kitplane. (But he still hopes to someday buy that Tiger Moth.)

Paul Sorenson – Docent/Greeter

Paul grew up near the Bellingham Airport when it was still being developed, so has always had an interest in aviation. He began volunteering as a greeter and docent in 2010 and tells us that he really enjoys the opportunity to introduce visitors to aircraft that they often have never been so close to before. He relishes telling the story of each aircraft and the roles that they played, and always finishes his tours with each visitor getting a chance to ‘fly’ one of the Museum aircraft on the flight sim. In his own words, “The Heritage Flight Museum is an exciting place to be. I enjoy my volunteer time there and hope that many people will come out and see what we have to offer for young and old. Having served in the US Navy (1958-1961), I have a deep respect for all those in the military and what that means to the suvival of our country”. When he’s not honing his flight sim skills here at the Museum, he enjoys writing and playing music and doing wood-working projects.

Wayne Lamphere – Docent/Greeter

Wayne credits his parents with instilling in him the desire for volunteering. This and his lifelong love for vintage aircraft (up to the jet age, “Jets are for kids!” he says) brought Wayne to the Heritage Flight Museum. He enjoys interacting with people, especially youngsters, sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm and keeping alive the spirit of the Golden Age of aviation. He “loves it here.” Wayne also volunteers and is a board member at the Lynden Pioneer Museum. Before coming to the museum, Wayne worked as a general contractor. Among his biggest projects was the restoration of the historic Chelsea Hotel in Seattle. He is a Veteran of the Army National Guard and Reserve, serving over six years in an engineering battalion. For this, we thank him.

Scott Merrell – Historian/Special Projects

Scott comes from a family rich with Aviation and Airline History. From day one Scott has always been drawn to and obsessed with the flying experience, the aircraft, the aviators, and the airports! Scott’s father, Richard, was a pilot for NWA for close to 35 years. Scott comes from a family with close to 200 combined years experience in the Aviation & Airline Industry. Scott’s primary focus is Airline History and Aircraft Manufacturer History. Currently, Scott is an on-staff Airline & Aviation Historian at the World Airline Historical Society (WAHS), based in Ocoee, FL in addition to volunteering here at HFM.

Jesse Pickard – Volunteer Coordinator

Craig Edwards – Volunteer Coordinator/Training

Becca Mohr – Exhibits/Displays

Jamie Fraser – Docent/Greeter

Dave Bargelt – Docent/Greeter

Joe Coleman – Docent/Greeter

Pam Sorensen – Docent/Greeter/Library

Grant Wilson – Docent/Greeter/Provider of Sugary Baked Goods

Jack Ebert – Docent/Greeter

George Marshall – Docent/Greeter

Paul Myers – Tour Coordinator

Hal Beatty – Maintenance

Einar Ketilsson – Maintenance

Don Liewer – LINK Restoration

Jeff Geer – Tech Support

Lyle Jansma – Photographer

Ralph Peterson – Doer of All Things